Teaching Volunteers

Teaching Volunteers

Teaching Volunteers

Teaching Volunteers;
Teaching in a school in the villageaccommodates students of ages 3-12 yrs old. The schools is registered and offers high quality education according to Africancurriculum.Childrens and teachers speak English and all subjects are taught in English except Swahili subject which is our national language. The main aim of the school is to offer education and feeding children besides physical education.

Volunteers Activities;
Volunteer teachers can teach a range of subjects, including,English,Maths,Social,Studies,Religious Education, Science and more. Volunteers are free to choose the subjects they teach, and can teach as many subjects as they like, but usually specialize in one or two subjects.

Volunteers are also free to coordinate sports and arts at the end of the day. Many volunteers also opt to tutor some students during this period.We also have a feeding program and so volunteers can help in cooking, washing utensils and serving food to children.
If there is renovations or building a class in the school, volunteers can get involved.
Many volunteer teachers form a solid bond with their students, and will often be invited by students to join their families in celebrations or to accompany students on any outings they may take outside of school. Kenyan children are extremely generous, despite the poverty they live in, and volunteers will always feel welcome and wanted.

Volunteers can help in exposing our school to other potential volunteers.

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