Sports Volunteering

Overview of the Project

Sports are wonderful activities that teach children discipline, teamwork and routine, as well as encourage them to have hope and lead healthy, active lives. In Kenya, sports are ingrained in the culture, especially soccer and Athletics! Unfortunately, in the poorest areas of Nairobi, the Kibera (shanty towns), most children never get the attention of a coach, nor do they get the opportunity to participate in organized sports activities. By volunteering in the soccer and athletics project, you can give the poorest children the chance to learn new sports and develop their soccer and athletic skills.

Role of Volunteer

As a athletic volunteer in Kenya, you will be coaching and teaching children in a wide variety of sports, such as soccer, volleyball, skateboarding, athletics, martial arts, circus training and more. Daily activities may include:

  • Playing with the children
  • Give children attention and care
  • Introduce children to English
  • Organizing sports games
  • Work with local community organizations and schools
  • Promoting nutrition and health
  • Coaching sports practices and games
  • Refereeing organized sports events

You will have the opportunity to become involved with numerous volunteer projects while in Nairobi. You will not be confined to the one project you register for; there is a lot of flexibility. Volunteers typically work on numerous projects with different partners and you will be able to learn about other options available upon your arrival.

Skills/Qualification Needed

Fluency in English is preferred.  You should also have a passion for sports and be willing to play with and help young children. Volunteers should be good role models, flexible, patient, caring, creative, responsible and open-minded.

Cost and Duration.

The Project is for the whole year round, and for the cost kindly contact us on

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