Orphanage Volunteering

Orphanage Volunteering

Orphanage Volunteering

Orphanage Volunteering

This project seeks to identify and bring babies and children into residential or community care programmes in order to provide them with a compassionate remedy to their spiritual, physical, emotional, emotional, economical, sociological needs.

The orphanage was started to rescue children whose parents died of HIV or abandoned by their parents while other children just come from very poor backgrounds. The orphanage has a lot of activities and placing you here will be a good opportunity to show love to these kids and also m. The orphanage main mission is to help the children get basic needs e.gFood,Shelter,Clothing and Love. Some children either return to their biological families, who claim them, or have for medical reasons remained in one of the Trust’slong-term family homes.

The new life trust also opens an opportunity for adoption of babies.

Volunteers work;
1.Babysit little childrens.
2.Feeding the babies.
3.Cooking for the kids.
4.Serve food to the babies.
5.Washing utensils.
6.Wash clothes for the babies.
7.Sports with the babies.

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