HIV Aids

HIV Aids project

HIV Aids project

HIV AIDS project that takes care of people who are living in Aids. Most of them are women and children besides men. The project supports underprivileged women, and orphans, and their families through HIV AIDS counseling, health education, economic empowerment, and community assimilation and integration.

Volunteers Duties;

Volunteers work as support staff at the project.

• Registration of people living with HIV/AIDs – at the dispensary Assist in training prevention of mothers to child transmission.
• Giving ARV and T.B dugs to patience living with HIV/AIDs
• V.C.T voluntary counseling and testing.
• Care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS- The outreach program where the Volunteer in the company of a health worker goes to the community once a week to do counseling and advice the patients on their diet and attitude towards their status are instructed on how to carry on certain duties.
• HIV aids counseling and testing.
• Help in Home based care where volunteers visit thepatients in homes.
• Immunization.
• Community units.
• Community outreach program – there is a health worker to go with the volunteers to the communities
VCT – The volunteer can do the counseling by themselves since before the counseling starts the Volunteer is briefed about the patients they are to attend.

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