Cultural Conservation in Kenya

Cultural Conservation in Kenya

traditional_danceOverview of the Project

Sadly, many Maasai are left with few economic opportunities and are forced to migrate to urban areas for survival, leaving their communities with less human resources and infusing the Maasai culture with other traditions and ideas, which alters the original culture.  As a volunteer in the Cultural Conservation Project in the Maasai region of Kenya, you can immerse yourself into Maasai daily life and collaborate with Maasai people by sharing ideas and promoting projects to preserve and increase appreciation of the Maasai culture. Local traditions are unique and locals are more than happy to show visitors everything about their customs. Global Crossroad invites you to help document Maasai culture and traditions so that their culture is preserved and can be understood by many. In addition, you can share your own culture in return.  This is a great way to experience all Kenya has to offer, truly understand a foreign culture and enrich community values and quality of life.

Role of Volunteer

International volunteers in Kenya exchange cultural ideas and work experience to contribute new ideas for cultural conservation. As a cultural conservation volunteer in the Maasai region of Kenya, volunteer activities will vary based on experience and skills. Examples of possible projects are:

  • Integrating in and understanding Maasai history and traditions
  • Working with the Maasai people to preserve and document their traditions
  • Planning extracurricular activities to engage in the community
  • Teaching locals about your own culture
  • Teaching English
  • Helping locals with tourism to promote exposure to the Maasai culture
  • Assisting locals market their art and products
  • Teaching basic business techniques to improve community income

Skills/Qualification Needed

To volunteer in Cultural Conservation Project in Kenya, there are no specific qualifications or skills required. Volunteers must be open-minded, flexible, patient, caring and motivated. An appreciation for cultural awareness and preservation is necessary.

Volunteer in Kenya: Project Locations and Free Time Options

Global’s volunteer in Kenya projects are available in Nairobi and Massai land. All locations offer multicultural scenes that are friendly to travelers and host traditional experiences.

Nairobi is the capital and largest city in Kenya. The colorful combinations of culture and modern living are living examples of past meets future. There is a solid tourist infrastructure in place that supports day trips and city tour planning. Volunteers can spend free time in the National Museum or Nairobi National Park. The city is a hub for safari launches and there are many opportunities for different length excursions. There are also crocodile farms and nature trails to explore, along with the standard pulsing city options for travelers.

Massai land is close to Kenya’s best-known and finest wildlife reserve – the Maasai Mara. The land is located in the south west region of Kenya, about 90 minutes from Nairobi. The land covers an area around 1530 square km and is reserved for Maasai people, who live a pastoral and nomadic lifestyle.

Many Maasai, however, have settled down permanently and have build houses. There are also schools and hospital in the region but lacks adequate manpower and facilities to run them smoothly.


  • Program:Volunteer in Kenya
  • Project:Cultural Conservation Volunteer Project in Kenya
  • Start dates:1st and 3rd Mondays of each month
  • Location:Maasai Region
  • Departure and End Point:Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
  • Accommodation and meals:Host Family and Kenyan meals three times daily
  • Activities:community oriented and varied based on volunteer interests and skills
  • Working hours:25-35 hours per week

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