Adult Education volunteer Projects

Adult Education volunteer Projects

traditional_danceAdult Education volunteer Projects

As an education volunteer with a focus on adults you will help with pronunciation, running activities,counting and marking.You will be able to support the teachers by working with small groups and helping those who are falling behind, a rare opportunity for the students.You will gain an insight into the approaches used in teaching adults English as a second language and mathematics (minus and plus calculations) while having a great deal of fun getting to know the students – they are normally very inquisitive and keen to learn from native speakers.
Many adults have missed out on the chance to complete mainstream education or haven’t had the opportunity to learn English and mathematics (calculations) which are important in many destinations to find a jobor do business.
Projects and NGOs provide classes during the daytime, in the evenings and at weekends so that adults can support their families by working,doing business and have access to education.Many teachers welcome the support of native English speakers to help explain points of grammar, modelling and correcting pronunciation, as well as helping with classroom activities and homework. The inclusion of spoken language games and exercises is important to counteract the amount of time spent learning grammar.


-As an education volunteer focused on adult you must be confident in your use of the English language and be able to communicate effectively.
-Speaking with students is a huge part of this role so you need to be a friendly person.
– Why not take a busman’s holiday and share your training and experience with local teachers learning how they manage to support students with points of grammar, pronunciation,Calculationsand while building confidence in their students.
Bring your love of speaking, learning and language games and join us to inspire adult learners on an education placement and help them to improve their day to day lives as well as their long term prospects.

Volunteers tasks;

-Teaching English.
-Marking home works.

Benefits of the Adults Education;

-Communication with customers in their businesses.
-Keeping records for their businesses.
-Counting money.

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