Medical Experience/Hands on Medical Experience

Medical Experience/Hands on Medical Experience

traditional_danceWant To Help Bring Healthcare To Poor Nations?
Interested In An Affordable & Hands On Medical Volunteer Abroad Program?

Are you a doctor, a medical student, a nurse, or a health care professional or you want to be a medical person in future? Are you looking for a real hands-on medical volunteer abroad opportunity, where you will serve impoverished communities and will share your passion for and expertise in healthcare?
Then, look no further. Unlike other medical volunteer abroad programs where you only shadow local doctors, with our organization you will have ample opportunities to get involved directly with the treatment of local patients.
Our organizations hands-on medical volunteer overseas programs are part of exceptional initiatives around the world that work to provide healthcare services to people in places where they might not have the means to access the care that they need and deserve otherwise.
You will work to provide comprehensive healthcare services to those who are struggling. Your commitment to one of these hands-on healthcare volunteer abroad programs has the power to change and improve lives!

Hands-On Medical Volunteer Experience In Kenya and Uganda.

Are you a medical student,or want to be a student in medical field , doctor, nurse or other medical professional? Are you looking for opportunities to gain hands on medical experience? Or are you interested in sharing your medical experience with in impoverished communities? Then our Kenya and Uganda medical camp program is a perfect opportunity for you.

  • Gain hands on medical experience in a medical camp in Kenya
  • Share your medical expertize and make a difference
  • A life changing medical volunteer abroad experience starts at $900 per 2 weeks-(accommodations,3 meals a day and Airport pick ups,facilitation fee).
  • A highly rated program that has been trusted by thousands of volunteers since 2000.

Kenya is a thrilling country with sweeping savannahs as long as the eye can see, where lions, elephants, and rhinos live. The energetic and modern city of Nairobi is a bustling and vibrating place with many historical, and cultural attractions.

Tucked away from the eyes of the visitors is the slums of Kibera, It’s one of the biggest slums in Africa. Among the slum dwellers, 75% are under 18, and around100,000 of those are orphaned children. .

Kibera slum is a dark place with high levels of corruption, contagious diseases, and environmental pollution, decorated with the faces of those who live in dire poverty and hunger.

Thousands of children, women, elderly people who are living in the Kibera slum have been suffering from variety of health issues and medical conditions. Unfortunately, there not enough medical facilities or resources to provide the medical services necessary for these people.

The limited government resources have failed to address this situation, which leads to the unnecessary losses of lives and endless suffering among people living in the Kibera slum. There is an urgent need of help these poor and suffering people. It is our duty to help others who cannot help themselves.

If you are a professional in medical, and you will want to treat independently ,you will send your papers so that we organize you get a license. It cost 300 usd.

-3 volunteers are the minimum.
-15 yrs. old.

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